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Below is information about Valdese Lakeside Park wildlife.

Since Early 2020, Trail Cameras on the 325 Acre Valdese Lakeside Park property have been capturing wildlife scenes.
This site is home to all the different species at Lakeside Park, with photos and videos on each tab.

Below is a playlist of all Wildlife Videos.

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Animals recorded on video:
Deer, Beaver, Bear, Blue Heron, Turkey, Raccoon, Squirrel, Owl, Fox (Red and Gray), Skunk (and All-Black variant), Mink, Coyote, Bobcat, Canadian Goose, Otter, Possum, Nutria (Swamp Rat), Spider, Rabbit, Mouse, Crows, Groundhog, Turtle

All animals spotted in the park have been captured on video. Most recently, we have captured Bear and Otter.

Below is more information on Wildlife Cameras
Through local donations and investments, we have a collection of different Wildlife Cameras at Valdese Lakeside Park. These include Campark T45s and T80s, Moultrie M-50s, and Browing Dark Ops.

Here is an overview
Scale: 1-5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

CameraCampark T-45Campark T-80Browing Dark Ops Pro XDMoultrie M-50
Day Wildlife Quality4555
Night Wildlife Quality2344
Night Recording LengthInfiniteInfinite20 Sec30 Sec
User Inferface + Accessibility3 - Color Screen, easy to use UI. Can view camera lens, but cannot use to guide mount position5 - Color Screen, easy to use UI. Local Wifi-Connection to download content and guide mount position through smartphone4 - Color Screen, good UI. Can view camera lens and use it to guide mount position.1 - Non-Color Screen, acceptable UI. Cannot view camera lens.
Trigger Speed and Range0.3 sec, 65ft0.3 sec, 65ft0.15 sec, 80ft0.30 sec, 80ft
Storage MediumMicro SD up to 32GBSD up to 32GBSD up to 512GBSD up to 32GB
Video FormatAVI - 1 (Unusual and Large Files)MP4 - 5MP4 - 5MOV - 4
Video Aspect Ratio4/3 - 44/3 - 416/9 - 516/9 - 5
Batteries4 or 8868
Lock CompatibilityFewMostMostMost
Accessory CompatibilitySolar PanelSolar Panel, Remote Control WiFi ButtonSolar Panel, Battery Pack, Tree Mount, Security BoxSolar Panel, Security Box
Cellular CompatibilityNoNoNoYes
Pricing$50 with extra bonuses$90 with extra bonuses$170$220
Recommendation Factoring in Price?4 - Cheap Option5 - Best Value4 - Best Night2 - Too Expensive


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